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Operations Guide For IPL . Elight

ভাল মানের Diode Laser Hair Removal বিক্রয়ের জন্য
ভাল মানের Diode Laser Hair Removal বিক্রয়ের জন্য
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Operations Guide For IPL . Elight


E light(IPL+RF) skin rejuvenation, deep wrinkles removal ,hair removal series ,

Operations Guide

  I.Before Operation:

  1) Advisory: fully communicate with customers before operation, to ask the main skin problems have time to understand customers, those who had received treatment, treatment of skin reflect whether there is a history of allergies, and now the use of cosmetics brands and effect evaluation, whether beauty salons care, treatment of the present expectations of quantum effects, according to the customer on the above questions, grasp the skin condition and psychological customers to ensure that treatment can achieve the best results and the psychological needs of customers.

  2) Establishing a therapeutic File: After completing the relevant advice to customers after the relevant information sheet to fill in the treatment of files, each file to ensure that the completed treatment, make sure the customer personally signed and easy to follow the treatment to achieve the best results;

  II.elight (IPL+RF) clinic experience

  1, before and after photographs and archive, to prepare for control.

  2, clean the affected area of skin, treatment for patients wear protective goggles, uniform coating of cold gel in the treatment area.

  3, according to the different skin color of the patients, skin thickness and select the appropriate treatment of the disease treatment parameters.

  4, After Adjust the parameters, the inside of the forearm in patients with experimental treatment, waiting for 5 ~ 10min ,start with treatment.

  5, during treatment, the two electrodes close to the skin and have a certain pressure. Light-colored skin of patients, can be applied to high energy light, dark skin should use lower light energy, while appropriately increasing the energy of RF energy to compensate for glare reduction.

  6, E light therapy can be selected corresponding photon energy should be doing collaborative appropriate, in principle, to achieve a quantum preheating process.

  7, E-light therapy should also repeated at the same area to meet to achieve the gold standard of treatment.

  III. The therapeutic range:

  IIII. Taboo patient

  1) Light allergies

  2) the recent taking of allergic foods, drugs (such as celery, vitamin A acid, etc.)

  3) The body is equipped with a pacemaker or defibrillator in patients

  4) The treatment area were damaged skin

  5), diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy patients

  6) in patients with suspected skin cancer

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